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Information about the service

Service availability

This service is an unbundled service, provided over the NBNCo network, not available to all areas, site addresses or customers. The type of service offered may need further qualification checks to determine what’s available at your location. We’ll try to contact you if all your services can’t be connected, however if we can’t get in touch you’ll be connected to the lowest-priced plan(s).

Speed Tier25/550/20100/20100/40250/25
Minimum Monthly Charge$59.99$74.99$94.99$99.99$119.99
Set Up Fee $0$0$0$0$0
Minimum Cost     
Month to Month $$59.99$74.99$94.99$119.99$119.99
12 Month$719.88$899.88$1,139.88$1,199.88$1,439.88
24 Month$1,439.76$1,799.76$2,279.76$2,399.76$2,879.76
Typical Minimum
Evening Download
22 Mbps48 Mbps93 Mbps93 Mbps240 Mbps
Included DataUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


Optional Modem

You will require an NBNCo compatable modem for this service. We can supply a modem for a one off upfront price. This price is dependent on the contract length of the NBN service you are purchasing. You can choose to use BYO your own modem, but it must be compatable with the NBN technology type. You must be capable of configuring your BYO device yourself. We will only be able to provide limited best efforts support for your BYO device. You will still be required to pay for your NBN service if your BYO device is either incompatible or otherwise does not operate with the NBN service.

Optional ModemsTP Link
TP Link
TP Link
Month to Month$145.20$229.90$154.00
12 Month$133.30$211.20$140.00
24 Month$123.30$195.40$117.60


Broadband speeds

An NBN service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your home, so for FTTN/B/C customers we will confirm your actual speeds after connection and let you know if your line is not able to achieve the maximum speed of your plan. Broadband speeds vary due to several factors, including:

  • Type of technology available at your address
  • Network capacity
  • Set up at your site (such as location of your modem and how the internet is used in your premise)
  • Whether your device is connected by Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet cable
  • Your hardware and software configuration
  • The source and type of content downloaded
  • The number of users and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Pritel


Moving to the NBN network

Your current analogue contract could overlap with the rollout of the NBN network. Contact us if you wish to transfer to Pritel on the NBN network. If you don’t, we’ll continue to provide your service up until the date on which your current service is disconnected as required by law. We will endeavor to contact you to advise you of the disconnect date of your existing non NBN service, however it is your responsibility to ensure you take action to ensure you have a service after the current service is disconnected. During the provisioning and installation processes, you may receive several messages from us and NBNCo, it is important that you respond to these messages if asked to, as failure to do so will result in a delay to the installation of your service. Someone over the age of 18 must be present at the premises during the installation of your service. Whilst we endeavor to reduce any time without a service to the minimum, some period without a service may occur because of events beyond our control.


Installation Charges

Standard installation is included at no charge to your plan. If a non-standard installation is required, NBNCo may impose additional charges, which we will pass on to you. If NBNCo deems your property to be a new development, the NBNCo New Development Charge of $300 will apply.


Optional Voice Service Plan

An optional Voice Service Plan is available with the NBN service. This Voice Service does not include a handset. Handsets are available from Pritel at an additional cost. Use by call centres, telemarketers, auto dialers or other robots is a breach of the Fair Use Policy and will result in the suspension or disconnection of the voice service.

Your Voice Service is on a month to month plan, if you cancel a month to month contract, we will disconnect the service at the conclusion of the month in which you cancel the service and cease billing for that service. If you cancel your NBN Service, your Voice Service will also be cancelled.

The Minimum Charge for the NBN Service and the Voice Service combined will increase by the value of the Voice Plan you select.


Optional Voice Plan Charges

Service Plan Call ChargesLocal & National CallsCalls to MobilesCalls to 13/1300Monthly
Plan Charge
PAYG Voice$0.15 per call$0.15 per minute$0.40 per call$2.00
LNMIncludedIncluded$0.40 per call$5.00


Fair Use Policy

You must comply with our Fair Use Policy and not use your services in an unreasonable or fraudulent manner or in a way that detrimentally interferes with the integrity of the network. We may take action if you breach the Fair Use Policy, or the NBNCo Fair Use Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service, or reducing its speed.


Changing your Plan

You can change to another eligible plan higher speed plan once a month during your minimum term without re-contracting or paying Early Termination Charges (ETC). However, if you cancel within your contracted minimum term, an ETC will apply.


NBN satisfaction guarantee

If you are moving to the NBN network for the first time and you’re not happy with your NBN services for any reason, let us know within 15 days of connection and we’ll do our best to fix it or you can cancel your NBN services without penalty.


How can I check and manage my usage?

The NBN service has unlimited upload and downloads (subject to fair use policy), To register and obtain credentials to our online customer portal Selfcare, please call us on 03 6235 5022.


Early Termination Charges

Early Termination Charges are not payable on month to month NBN plans. You agree that our Early Termination Charges on NBN services acquired by you on 12 or 24 month plans are a fair estimate of our cost in terminating the service at your request, whilst it is still in contract. The Early Termination Charge for an NBN service cancelled within its contract term is $150.00. If you cancel your order after any cooling off period but before we have provisioned your service, we will charge you an Order Cancellation Fee of $60.


NBN Service Disconnection

If you disconnect your NBN service, we will not provide a part period refund.


Understanding my bill

Your bill is issued on the same date each month. You’re billed in advance for the minimum monthly charge, and in arrears for any usage not included in your plan. You may also be charged for individual services until all those in your plan are connected, so your first few bills may be higher or lower than expected. When you start or change your plan part way through a billing period, your first bill will have additional charges.


Need help? We’re here for you.

Visit or call 03 6235 5022 for our support options.



If there’s something you’re not happy with and you wish to make a complaint, call 03 6235 5022 We like to make every attempt to resolve any issue, but you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058 or visit if you’d like an independent investigation.

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