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What if you could find a telecommunications specialist that really listens to your needs, your frustrations, and takes the time to get you the best deal possible? We are only a phone call away.

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Our extensive experience helps you get the most out of your telco.

About Us

At Pritel, you'll always talk to a human that has your best interests at heart. We use our experience in the industry and our knowledge of telecommunciations products to provide our business clients with the very best of service, often providing massive savings each and every month on your telco plans. We're not here to sell you the next box product and we don't lock you into contracts if we don't need to. We are here to get a telco system that works for you in a way you want it to work. 

Pritel is experienced, friendly and approachable.

Working with Pritel

Before we work with you, we make a time to chat about what your needs are. Our experience in telecommunications consulting helps us to create convenience and efficiency within your organisation. We are here to make your telco work for you. You may be surprised at the dollars we can save you.

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    1. Book a Consultation.

    Simply book a time on our contact page and we'll set up a meeting or video call.

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    2. Communicate Needs.

    During this 1/2 hour meeting we will find out what your needs are.

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    3. Making Your Plan.

    Get your systems working more efficiently often with less ongoing costs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalised telco support with service before sales.

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  • neill pritel

    Neill MacRae

    Operations Manager and Director

    Neill started working in telecommunications call centres in his early 20's. Now, having worked for all the national telco's both in sales and technical roles he has a passion for making technology work in favour of the end user rather than forcing them into a box that wasn't designed for their needs specifically. 

    Throughout his career he has spent a lot of time in telecommunications consulting and working to integrate phone systems into your larger IT environment to create convenience and efficiency.

    Originally an immigrant from South Africa, Neill considers himself Australian through and through. Raised and educated in Southern Tasmania, he crossed the divide and moved to Launceston with his wife and has since settled in.

    Weekends find Neill bushwalking, motorbike riding, or working on the next home project.

  • vincent pritel

    Vincent Fantini

    ICT Technician and Solution Specialist

    Vincent's working career has been focused on computing and IT. His favourite subjects at school were always the STEM subjects, Science, Maths, Technology, with Food Studies mixed in - he thanks his Italian family background for that!

    Having studied IT, Business, Agriculture and Electrotechnology, and now working in IT, it’s interesting to see how much information he still uses from each of those fields in the practical application of IT troubleshooting (it’s a lot). He now has extensive experience in the IT industry, both professional and private, as well as additional certifications in Phone systems such as 3CX.

    In his free time, Vincent enjoys gardening, as well as cooking and experimenting, trying to replicate some of his Nonna’s classic recipes or inspire his own. He likes working on one of the many project cars, track days, road trips around Tassie and enjoying some of the great driving roads and National Reserves, as well as 3D printing and design, PC Gaming, fiction and non-fiction reading, Warhammer 40K, and the list goes on.

  • "Your Tasmanian Telecommunications Provider"

    Pritel. For the telco solutions that your business needs.

    Do you need advice on taking your company to the next level with your Telco? 

    Call us today on 03 6235 5033. Here to help, ask us how!

    • Tasmanian Coverage

      Our mobile service covers all of Tasmania through the Telstra network. Click here to see coverage for your area.

    • No Lock-in Contract

      We always find the best plan for your needs and avoid locking you into a contract where possible.

    • Experienced Team

      Our team has over 30 years experience in the telco industry. having been involved with every major carrier in Australia.

    • Locally Owned

      Pritel is owned and operated by Tasmanian locals. Experience the personalised service from your local Telco.

    • Reliable Service

      Call us and talk to a real person every time. we're here to look after you.
      Here to help - ask us how.

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