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Choosing the right phone system is essential to delivering superb service to your customers. With a cloud-based solution from Pritel you have complete control over your phone system without the need to buy or lease an expensive hardware platform.

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Traditional vs Hosted: Which is right for my business?

1300 and 1800 numbers have numerous features that make them attractive to businesses:

Hosted phone system

Hosted phone systems are now far more common than traditional systems. They function in the same way as a traditional PBX, with the key difference being that the infrastructure exists in the Cloud.

Traditional PBX

Traditionally, PBX phone systems have been located in the customer’s property, with each extension typically connected by wire to the PBX to enable calls from one extension to another.

Furthermore, the system is linked up to outside telephone lines, delivered by a third-party carrier or service provider, to make and receive external calls. Generally, there are fewer outside lines than extensions, because traditional outside lines are very expensive — and it’s rare that they will all be in use simultaneously.

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At Pritel, we can tailor a solution to your specific needs and help you select the best hosted PBX for your business.
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